Many cosmetic dental issues can be addressed with veneers. Not sure what a veneer is?  A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or composite material that bonds to the front surfaces of your tooth, giving each tooth a brand new look. They are created specifically for you in a lab after a consultation with your dentist.  Whether you choose one or two veneers or an entire mouthful, here are 10 ways veneers can really improve your smile:

  1. Veneers can give you the appearance of straight teeth without the time and expense of orthodontia!
  2. Veneers are actually more stain-resistant than natural teeth! Porcelain resists common stains like tea, soda, red wine, and cigarette smoke.
  3. Veneers can help fill in gaps between teeth or at the gum line. Sometimes little triangles of space appear near the gum line due to receding gums or gum disease. Veneers can easily cover small spaces to give you a more complete smile.
  4. Veneers can repair broken or damaged teeth, especially in the front of the mouth. If a tooth is chipped, a veneer can make it appear whole again.
  5. If you’ve tried and failed to whiten your teeth, veneers may be the answer. Veneers can be created for you in any natural shade you desire!
  6. Veneers look like normal teeth. They are not bulky. No one will know you have veneers except you and your professional dental team.
  7. Veneers are very durable, for a long-lasting beauty. Dr. Colson uses only the most advanced materials, so with proper care, your veneers should last a decade or longer.
  8. Your great looking smile is going to be easy to maintain with veneers. Dr. Colson recommends regular brushing and flossing twice per day. Just be sure to use a non-abrasive toothpaste and wear your night guard if you’ve been prescribed one.
  9. Want a model-worthy smile? In many professions, such as acting, TV journalism, and modeling, a perfect smile is a requirement. But in most areas of life, great looking teeth are an asset that will increase your confidence. Getting veneers is the easiest way to achieve a perfect smile.
  10. Your gums will maintain their health and color with veneers. Porcelain veneers do not irritate healthy gum tissue. If you’ve already been diagnosed with periodontitis, you should continue your treatment as directed by your dentist.

Are you ready to have a gorgeous, camera-ready smile? Want to stop feeling embarrassed about the look of your teeth? Contact Dr. Colson in Raleigh today for your initial consultation. His friendly staff can be reached at 919-231-6053.