If you haven’t already explored the wonders of coconut oil, we’re excited to introduce you to the variety of health benefits it can provide to your overall oral health. By swishing a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth every day for 15 minutes, also known as “oil pulling”, you can expect long-term benefits.

Breath Freshener Back more than 3,000 years ago, people in India used coconut oil to clean their mouths and absorb bacteria. Today, many opt to swap out the Listerine for a spoonful of coconut oil to fight off morning breath and inhibit the growth of harmful substances throughout the day.

Teeth Whitener The medium chain fatty acids found in coconut oil contribute to teeth whitening when used daily. Instead of whitening the surface of the enamel, its lauric acid removes plaque and bacteria, which causes discoloration. Some even combine baking soda to make a daily paste to use after their regular brushing.

Fight Gum Disease We’ve mentioned that coconut oil removes bacteria that causes bad breath and discoloration, but it also helps eliminate your chances of developing gum disease. In addition, coconut oil is an anti inflammatory, and helps bleeding or sore gums.

Using coconut oil should not replace your daily recommended oral hygiene routine, but can be used in conjunction to proper brushing and flossing. After your 15 minutes is up, be sure to dispose of the oil into a trashcan to avoid clogging up your sink. Never swallow the oil after swishing, as it will be full of bacteria and microbes that have been pulled from your mouth. Results will vary depending on person and usage, so we’re interested to hear your results should you choose to give it a try.