We all know the nasty little cancer sticks known as cigarettes will kill you. This article’s not about that. Today we’re talking about the other nasties that come along with that puff you love so much. Our focus is on the mouth, teeth, gums and the toll smoking leaves on your dental health. I present to you the five things smoking does, that will have you laying back and looking at that bright light, while your dentists asks questions you can’t answer.

  1. Makes Your Breath Stink This one’s a given. It just puts that stank your mouth and lungs that non smokers don’t want to be near.
  2.  Do You Enjoy Yellow or Brown Teeth Stains on your teeth from nicotine and tar in the tobacco can make your teeth yellow — quickly, and heavy smokers often complain that their teeth turn brown after many years of smoking. (Make a Teeth Whitening appointment)
  3. Inflammation of the salivary gland openings anyone Your salivary glands produce saliva and the saliva protects your mouth from tooth decay. Smoking helps build bacteria, in turn leading to a condition known as sialadenitis
  4. Increases build up of plaque and tartar Once plaque and tartar are entrenched — only your dentist can forge them out. (Schedule a Teeth Cleaning)
  5. Do You Enjoy Teeth In Your Mouth Keep puffing away and slowly watch those teeth decay and rot right out of your head. That’s right, smoking increases risk of developing gum disease.

Not only can you end up in your dentists chair, smoking also:

  • Delays the healing process after a tooth is pulled or any oral surgery
  • Lowers the success rate of dental implant procedures
  • Increases the risk of developing oral cancer

And cigarettes aren’t the lone culprit here either. Smokeless tobacco can also cause harm to your mouth, and not just because of the nicotine. Some brands of chewing tobacco use sugar as an ingredient. When you hold the tobacco in your mouth for long periods, you’re exposing your teeth to damaging sugar that can cause tooth decay. If you’re a smoker, make an appointment to have your teeth looked at before it’s too late.