Can you find at least 7 Reasons to Think Twice about Missing a Regular Dental Checkup?
“To go or not to go, that is the question!” It’s time for your regular dental checkup. Regular Dental Checkup.  Do you look at your schedule and contemplate the decision?. Do you think your schedule is too preoccupied with meetings?  Are you nervous or just busy enough to skip the appointment? Think again! That decision may cost you dearly. Here is a list of reasons which will make you think twice before skipping out on your regularly scheduled dentist appointment.
1.    Zero-in on Problems before they Worsen
Tooth problems like tooth decay can be avoided. After cleaning your teeth, dentists will look for any signs of cavities developing which may lead to tooth decay down the road. Cavities can make their way through the tooth enamel and inflame the tooth’s internal soft tissue, spread to the roots and cause bacterial infections if left untreated.
2.    Lead by example and Use Your Dental Insurance Coverage
When you go to the dentists’ regularly, it sets a precedent that your kids will follow suit. They will get their checkups regularly as well. Kids eat sugary foods which can make them more prone to dental issues. The family will be educated about healthy dental habits so all members know how to cope with dental issues. Communicating with your dentist during your dental checkup can help you use the dental insurance you paid for and see just how much it covers. This way you will not be surprised by the amount on your dental bills.
3.    Tartar leads to Cavities, Remove It!
Tartar develops in your mouth with infrequent cleaning and in hard to reach areas. This can lead to cavities over time. Dentists use specialized equipment for cleaning those hard to reach areas.
4.    See problems affecting your jaw with X-Rays
You may not know what’s happening and only when the damage has been done, do wisdom teeth cause pain and discomfort. Dentists can use X-rays to determine whether your wisdom teeth are causing over or underbite and how to treat it.
5.    Oral health provides an insight into body health
Studies have shown time and again that your oral health can give a sneak peek at your body health. Diseases like Alzheimer’s, diabetes, osteoporosis, HIV/AIDS can lead to bad oral hygiene. So visit a trusted and reliable dentist’s office to know if you have these diseases.
6.    Oral Cancer Screening
Having oral cancer screening during your checkup is a routine task. Most oral cancers are discovered in later stages: if you are diagnosed early, it gives you a better fighting and survival chance.
7.    Better Communication between You and your Dentist
People are often nervous about dentist visits, mostly because of poor communication. If you and your dentist work together, your treatment is more likely to address your top concerns – like sleep apnea, which causes shortness of breath while sleeping and is a risk factor for strokes, increased blood pressure and heart disease – thus leading to better body health.
A qualified dentist at Colson Dental Group, like the founder Dr. James H. Colson II, DDS offer a range of dental services for the whole family. Schedule your next appointment with them for improved oral health and a million dollar smile.